~+~ Eternal Moment ~+~

~+~ Find Your Eternity at the Right Moment ~+~

A Kamikaze Kaitou Jeanne Rating Community
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Get stamped as the KKJ character you are most like!


The 'Eternity' which a doll has, after all, is just an imitation.
It will never be as beautiful as 'The Moment' which living humans only experience once.

~+~Come And Find Your Eternal Moment~+~

Welcome to kkj_rating, a rating community where members will judge you based on a survey just what character from Kamikaze Kaitou Jeanne you are most like!

(Feel free to contact us with any problems!)



+ No flaming

+ No drama - trust me, I have enough at school

+ You will be stamped once you have at least 4 comments for the same character since you guys are finally voting!

+ To let me know that you have read the rules, put Reincarnated to seal evil... born from darkness...Kaitou Jeanne! as the topic/subject.

+ When rating someone, please use only the characters listed below and please put your votes in BOLD~! Also, try to put a reason or two why you're rating the person the way you are.

+ After you are stamped, you must upload the stamp onto your own server!! Then put it in your profile or wherever you want and link back to us! Then, continue voting!

+ About Promoting: You can promote other rating communities here or other communities that have to do with Jeanne or any other of Arina Tanemura's works.

+ Affiliate: Please leave a comment here (after you have posted an application) or on my personal journal, dragon_gypsy

+ The Stamped List is HERE


Characters for rating:

+ Kusakabe Maron
+ Kaitou Jeanne
+ Finn Fish
+ Nagoya Chiaki
+ Kaitou Sinbad
+ Access Time
+ Toudaiji Miyako
+ Minazuki Yamato
+ Noin Claude
+ Celcia Form
+ Yashiro Sazanka
+ And other characters are available for stamping also. I will make more stamps for any character who needs one.




Which KKJ character is your perfect lover?
Go ahead and have fun! XP

Rules For Theme:

1. You MUST have already sent a regular application in (if you weren’t stamped, it’s okay.)
2. If you don’t want to participate in the theme, you may still vote on theme applicants.
3. All male and female characters are allowed to be used in voting. I don’t want to see 10 perfect Chiaki mates or 10 perfect Maron mates. There are many other males/females in KKJ.
4. All regular rules apply just like BOLDING your votes and placing your application under an LJ-cut.
5. To make sure you have read the rules, put your favorite couple from KKJ in the subject line. (Ex: “MaronxChiaki Forever”)



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