Zenja (shining_silence) wrote in kkj_rating,

to seal evil... born from darkness...Kaitou Jeanne!

Name: Susanna

Nickname: don't have any

Age: 15

Likes: anime, manga, animals, dancing, writing, reading, drawing, movies, music, boys, manipulating and tricking people, beeing mean and sarcastic

Dislikes: school, history, Valentine's Day, annoying people, copycats, stupid jokes, fakers, animaltests

Favourite Jeanne Character: Fin Fish

Why? The "good" Fin is so happy and lovely, I would really like to have a friend like her. I also like the "bad" Fin, though I prefer the good one.

Did you watch the anime, or read the manga? Or both?! Both. I really like them both, but I maybe prefer manga.

Personality traits: Intelligent, calm, mean, sarcastic, manipulative

Specialties: I've been told that I'm a good dancer, but I'm not so sure. People also say that I draw and write very well and I agree with them. ^^

Hobbies: dancing, reading, writing, drawing, singing, listening to music, watching anime

Three words that describe you: calm, intelligent, sarcastic

Three words that your friends would use to describe you: different, weird, cold

What type of people are your friends? My friends are all different persons. But they all are honest and funny.

What would you do for your best friend? Almost anything.

What would you do if you found out your friend lied to you? Or betrayed you? Not friends anymore.

Favourite sports? Is dancing a sport?

Personal Policys/Motto: "Don't be proud, because you didn't fall, be proud, because you get up."

Strong Points: I'm calm and intelligent and I know how to get what I want. I'm also a good listener. And I'm pretty, of course.

Weak Points: I'm not good at working in a group, because I prefer to work alone. My friends say that I like to shine solo :P I also don't trust people easily.

Anything else we should know? Not really.

Pictures? At least two, how does that sound? I don't have any pictures of myself. But here's a description of what I look like. I'm thin and tall, one of the tallest girls in our school. I have quite short brown hair with light brown stripes and brown eyes. I also got glasses which I wear usually all the time. I think I look better (and older) with glasses. My dressing style is kinda normal, at school I wear jeans and a nice shirt (color is most of the time blue or purple). I always want to look stylish and pretty.
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