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Reincarnated to seal evil... born from darkness...Kaito

Name: Elizabeth

Nickname: Lizz, Lizard

Age: 14

Likes: Drawing, Reading, Writing, listening to music, Singing, Kamikaze kaitou Jeanne, Full moon o Sagashite, Sushi, animals and eel.

Dislikes: Killing, hate, lying, liars, posers, users, roast beef, cruelty, war, pain, math, P.E., death, and rap.

Favourite Jeanne Character: Maron, Miyako, Chiaki, MaronXChiaki.

Why? I like Maron becuase..well, she's the main character, everyone knows about her. I don't have t explian. Same with Chiaki. I like Miyako becuase of her strong friendship with Maron, and her loyalty.

Did you watch the anime, or read the manga? Or both?! Both! I especially like the manga better, it goes into much more detail about the angels, and has more character depth.

Personality traits: Kind, loving, caring, hot-tempered, imaginative, hyperactive, happy, and dramatic.

Specialties: Art, Singing, and Writing.

Hobbies: Singing, Drawing, Writing, reading, listening to music..

Three words that describe you: Friendly, hyperactive, dramatic.

Three words that your friends would use to describe you: Hyperactive, Hyperactive, and Hyperactive!

What type of people are your friends? Well, i get along with almost everyone that i meet. Fr some reason, i attract people with problems though.
What would you do for your best friend? Anything, unless it was illegal or for a non-moral reason.
What would you do if you found out your friend lied to you? Or betrayed you? I honestly have n idea. Depending on how large the lie was, i would most likely forgive them.

Favourite sports? Swimming.
Personal Policys/Motto: If you say that i can't do something, i'll try all the harder and prove that i can.
Strong Points: I'm naturally a happy person, i love to help people, i am very friendly, i love to make friends, i am honest and trustworthy.

Weak Points: I get depressed easily, i get angry rather easily, math(XD), i love to help people, and it can lead to me getting into trouble in the process of trying to help said people. Does that make sense?

Anything else we should know? Errrrr...Well, my worst fear is of being hated, and my unlikely-should-befear-that-i'm-not-afraid-of is that i like spiders, snakes, and rats.( Oh, and during the whole time i was typing this my O key kept not working, so that would be why in some words it isn't there. And i'm too lazy to spellcheck.)
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