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Reincarnated to seal evil... born from darkness...Kaitou Jeanne!

Nickname: Moe
Age: 17
Likes: Animals, Food, Interesting stories (Good books), Mythology, Astrology, music, singing, drawing, writing, videogames
Dislikes: Fake people, being left behind or forgotten
Favorite Jeanne Character: Finn!
Why? She's kind nice and even has a dark side! She'll even do anything to keep a promise! Yay Finn! ^^
Did you watch the anime, or read the manga? Or both?!
I read the manga and own all seven volumes! I've also seen about ten episodes of the anime ^^
Personality traits: Kind, caring, impatient, stubborn, short-tempered, determined, understanding
Specialties: I can scream very loudly! ^0^
Hobbies: Rowing, running, cooking, and some of the things in my likes section ^_^
Three words that describe you: Kind, short-tempered, understanding
Three words that your friends would use to describe you: Random, different, honest
What type of people are your friends? I have lots of different types of friends! Friends who like the same hobbies as me, friends who like the same classes as me, etc.
What would you do for your best friend? I would help them out when their in need! I like helping people out! ^^
What would you do if you found out your friend lied to you? Or betrayed you?
I would be sad and try to find out why they lied and/or betrayed me. After I find out what the story is then I'll understand more why them lied/betrayed me. They could of been forced to do it or did it to protect me for all I know @_@
Favorite sports? Crew!
Personal Policys/Motto: Be kind to others and always act like yourself and not somebody else! And always follow your heart ^^
Strong Points: Well I'm good at math and Latin. And I have a hard head!
Weak Points: My temper >_< I have a short temper and I'm impatient and stubborn (I can't help it I'm an Aries ^^)
Anything else we should know? Um... no not really.. But, I have a question for the mod! Would you like to affiliate with kckarin_rating, my new Kamichama Karin rating community? ^^ Thanks for reading!
Pictures? At least two, how does that sound? Sorry, I don't have any pictures... but I can describe myself! I have long, straight brown hair that goes half-way down my back and I have green eyes! I'm also 5'6! ^^
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