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Reincarnated to seal evil... born from darkness...Kaitou Jeanne!

Name: Lindsey

Nickname: Linds, Sakura

Age: 16

Likes: hanging out, talking, drawing, singin (though im not good), acting, reading, awtching anime, being on the computer, my friends

Dislikes: people who use others, using people, green fries *dont ask =_=;*, and people who are just rude and make fun of others =(

Favourite Jeanne Character: hmmm well i like Chiaki and Maron and access =D!

Why? b.c there awsome charcters
Maron- she strong after having no one there and still able to go on and she cares for her friend =D!
Chiaki- b/c he's got a big heart
Access: he makes me laugh XD

Did you watch the anime, or read the manga? Or both?! both =D

Personality traits: im usually loud and very talkative but i am shy when i first meet others, i usually dont show it if im sad or hurt i just try to hid it. im not to bright sometimes and i have a tendency to fall sometimes (well alot) when i have my mind set on something i do it and stick with it, i can have an attitude if someone is picking on either my friends or family i would do anything for them. but usually im a happy person

Specialties: hmm i guess drawing though im not good at that :x

Hobbies: drawing, and reading

Three words that describe you: hyper, protective, understanding

Three words that your friends would use to describe you: loud, odd, nice

What type of people are your friends? there nice =D some are like me in a way =D

What would you do for your best friend? anything i could do to help then =D

What would you do if you found out your friend lied to you? Or betrayed you? i would be really upset and probablly angry but i would try to understand what happened

Favourite sports? ^_^; im horrible at sports so i dont have any ^_^:

Personal Policys/Motto: "there is always something to smile about" b/c its true =3

Strong Points: caring, understanding, make people laugh (good at cheering others up), pretty much what i said in personality well the good things that is

Weak Points: some times i can be way to sturborn and i can bear grudges, i can have an attitude if someone is picking on my friend and family

Anything else we should know? umm i dont think so ^_^;

Pictures? At least two, how does that sound?

sorry i dont have any ^___^;;;;;
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