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Access and Finn Forever! ^0^

Which KKJ character would be your perfect lover?

To Refresh Our Memory About Yourself
Name: Moe
Gender: Female
Would you like a Male or Female Companion? Male
Original Character Stamp: Yashiro
Strong Points: e to help my friends out! If I'm determined to do something then I'll stick with it. I'm also very optimistic! I'm also good at lying. I've been told that I'm a good actor and that I have a good voice so i guess those would be strong points! ^^ I also tend to forgive people easily. I don't know if that would be a strong or weak point though 0_0
Weak Points: My temper >_< I'm also very impatient and stubborn. I have the patience of a four year old and I'm as stubborn as a ox. I'm an Aries as you can see ^^ I'm also very lazy when there's something I don't want to do. I'm also very dense apparently (so I've been told @_@) I've also been told I'm naïve.

What You Look For In a Boy/Girlfriend?
Personality-wise: I would like him to be intelligent, and maybe have atleast alittle bit a sense of humor. I would also like someone who I can talk too about anything. Therefore I've like them to be a good listener. ^^ I would also like them to be an individual and independant like me. (I can't stand clinginess X_X)
Physical Appearance: I would like him to be taller then me. Dark haired (though I like blondes too, I just liked dark haired better ^^) and have pretty eyes. He would also be handsome and fit.
Describe Your Perfect Date: A movie and dinner maybe a walk on the beach at night where it's quiet where we can watch the waves (though I've probably run through them and get all wet, I love the water ^^)

Would you want him/her to be more...
Introverted or Extroverted? I do seem to be attracted to introverted guys, but I also like extroverted. So either or in-between, I guess! ^^
Calm or Energetic? Calm, maybe inbetween, but I prefer calm
Mature or Immature? Mature. Since I'm immature with a little bit maturity I think it would be better if he was mature.
Decisive or Indecisive? In-between, but leaning more to decisive.
Heart-on-His/her-Sleeve or Secretive? Hm... alittle bit inbetween I guess. Maybe alittle more to heart-on-his-sleeve.
Messy or Clean? Clean. Though not a clean freak. It's ok if he's alittle messy.

Random Final Thoughts
Put yourself in Maron’s position on the first day in class with Chiaki. How would you react to Chiaki asking you out? Stare. Freak out. Smash him with my fry pan that I pull out of nowhere (because you can do that in anime's ^^) Then start questioning his motives. I don't believe in love at first sight so I think it would be suspicious.
You and your best friend both have a huge crush on the same guy. Would you go after him or allow your friend to have first dibs? Let her have first dibs. (Even though i am really impatient >_<) I just always seem to put other people's feelings before mine.
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