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Hai~ XD

Name: Rain

Nickname: Rain-chan...baka...

Age: 14

Likes: Music, manga, writing, poetry, languages, Harajuku stuff, kawaii stuff~

Dislikes: You. XD Just kidding. I don't like lettuce, school buses, XD

Favourite Jeanne Character: Maron!

Why? I really adore her and I think she's so cute! XD I also admire her personality and strength.

Did you watch the anime, or read the manga? Or both?! I've only read the manga.

Personality traits: I'm shy. owo People call me artistic, sarcastic, and empathetic. I'm also kind of a recluse.

Specialties: Writing, poetry, drawing...and that's about it...XD Oh! I'm pretty good with computers.

Hobbies: Umm...writing, drawing, poetry, reading manga, and messing around on the computer. I play piano too.

Three words that describe you: Musical. Wit. Ocean. XD

Three words that your friends would use to describe you:

Natalie: She's...goth! XD
Jessica: No, she's not goth. She's very nice and sweet, but has a temper.
Emily: Rain-chan makes me smile! ^-^

(Me: -_-;)

What type of people are your friends? They're really random and weird, but I love them to death. They understand me and will forgive me if I make a mistake.

What would you do for your best friend? About anything. I would climb the highest mountain! XD

What would you do if you found out your friend lied to you? Or betrayed you? I'd be really hurt, but I'd try to understand why. She might have had a good reason.

Favourite sports? (All watching...I suck at sports...) Hockey, baseball, and golf.

Personal Policys/Motto: "Life would be boring without weird, insane people!" - Me

Strong Points: Listening to people, thoughtful stuff, writing...

Weak Points: Talking in front of people, chocolate, and guys...X-X They are foreign to me...

Anything else we should know? RAWR. XD

Pictures? Or perhaps a description of yourself? I'm very tall for my age, I'm kind of skinny, and I have short brown hair and brown eyes.
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