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[Mod Post] July Theme

I'm posting this today, but the theme does not start until July 1st.

July Theme Month
Which KKJ character is your perfect lover?
Starts midnight on July 1st

Rules For Theme:
1. You MUST have already sent a regular application in (if you weren’t stamped, it’s okay.)
2. If you don’t want to participate in the theme, you may still vote on theme applicants.
3. All male and female characters are allowed to be used in voting. I don’t want to see 10 perfect Chiaki mates or 10 perfect Maron mates. There are many other males/females in KKJ.
4. All regular rules apply just like BOLDING your votes and placing your application under an LJ-cut.
5. To make sure you have read the rules, put your favorite couple from KKJ in the subject line. (Ex: “MaronxChiaki Forever”)


Stamps will be made as needed. Also, if anyone is really good at graphics and would like to make the stamps...please contact me! I'd appreciate it. ((Also, I was thinking of having second copies of the original stamps if anyone is interested?))
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